Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Change is a-coming


Here I am, friends. Popping up under a new name. Change is certainly coming; change is good, and I'm ready to put into plan something I have been thinking about for a good long while.

I'm only just now putting the pieces in place.

I have a plan.

I have never, ever been so anxious (in a good way) and I am positively buzzing with energy.

You might be curious, so here's a hint:
Maybe it doesn't make much sense now, but I promise you it will soon.

This is my new home on the interwebs (well, one of my new homes...details all in good time). My new home to write about life, my mini-me, crafting, wedding planning, DIY, pretty little things and the small joys that make life beautiful.

Buckle up, friends. This is about to be some ride.

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