Tuesday, October 2, 2012

wedding planning, crafts, life, oh my...

Can I just say that sometimes I think my eyes are bigger then my metaphorical stomach?

This is any given workday:
Wake up at 6:30. Get ready for work.
Wake up Peyton (because she finally SLEEEEEEPS!). Get her ready for the day. Pack diaper bag. Wrestle her into her car seat (we still scream bloody murder in the car, yayyyy!)
Drop her off at the house of whoever's watching her that day.
Get to work by 7:45.
Run any errands I need during my hour-long lunch. Usually run out of time to actually eat lunch.
Finish at 5:00.
Remember at whose house I dropped off Peyton and pick her up.
Get home.
Make dinner.
Eat dinner.
Clean up Peyton.
Clean up dinner.
Bath time for Peyton.
Bedtime for Peyton.
Shower for me.
Clean up the house.

THEN you would think it would be bedtime for me. But lo and behold, I am a slave to the overachiever in me. Once all of that is done, it's time for crafts. You name it, I'll be doing it on any given night: building inventory for my newest endeavor, crocheting (Christmas is coming!), making things for our impending nuptial event, or just making pretty things for the house.

I am a sucker for anything involving a hot glue gun or a crochet hook, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Even when it entails lack of sleep. My ultimate goal is to surround myself with personal, handmade, pretty things, because there is no greater feeling in the world than looking at something and saying "I made that." (this goes for mini-me as well, even though she was not born of hot glue guns and crochet hooks). I've taken my sickness for all things handmade about a thousand steps too far: nearly every element of our July 2013 wedding will have a handmade touch to it.

It's an intimidating thought; I look at my wedding DIY Excel spreadsheet every day (crazy? yes) and click through each tab with it's own project. And then I look at my wedding to-do spreadsheet with each tab its own month and several projects to be done (I may be super crazy, but I am super organized). And then I look at my pile of inventory that I'm slowly building for my shop launch. And I shake my head and I laugh at myself because really...

Who actually hand singes individual petals and then stitches together enough flowers for a bridal bouquet plus three bridesmaids' bouquets, eight boutonnieres, and four or five corsages?
Who actually sits at home and assembles umpteen million fabric flowers for brooches and clips that will be listed for sale very, very shortly?
Who reeeeeally thinks that that cute frame could be mod podged into a nice display for that seasonal printable she saw on Pinterest last night?
Who decides that she can squeeze in just one more crocheted hat before seriously, IT IS SO LATE GO TO BED.

So really, this is what my blog will mostly entail: a glimpse into the life of a serial crafter, because seriously? This next year is going to be a wiiiiiild ride.

I sincerely hope my glue gun doesn't crap out on me. I love that damned thing.

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