Monday, May 13, 2013

We're in.


I have been severely neglectful of this poor blog-bloggy-blog. And I am profusely sorry for that, blog (I am addressing the blog because I don't know if anyone actually reads this...and if you're reading this too--I am sorry!).

But we have been living in our new house for two whole weeks and I couldn't be more tickled pink about it. Literally pink...I can't wait to share pictures of Peyton's new room.

The beautiful thing about this house is that it has everything we need and offers a wonderfully blank slate to work with. I'm talking minimal paint issues we had beef with (one room with a questionable paint choice and VERTICAL BLINDS, and it's already done), and simple, basic features we can bulk up and really customize on our own to truly reflect ourselves as a family in our new home.

I've got a list of things I can't wait to share with you:

  • We still don't have a couch and probably won't for a while. 
  • The angry yellow room that woke you up in a bad way the second you came downstairs in the morning.
  • Our lot and the plans we have for it.
  • The kitchen and the plans I have for it and can't wait to tackle on a budget.
  • My plans for Peyton's room down the road and how she's been adjusting to the new house.
  • Fancying up the master bedroom, because we've always had a really basic bedroom situation (think college dorm room...and we're 27 and 33. Embarrassing).
  • A slew of DIY home decor ideas I've had swirling around in this overloaded brain of mine.
  • What we've done so far (I failed to take "before" photos before we moved any of our stuff in, and the only photos I have of pre-us living there are photos containing the previous owner's stuff. Because I feel like that would be infringing on their privacy a little bit, I won't be sharing those photos. Luckily, we haven't done anything MAJOR that would really take away from the overall effect of any potential transformations down the line). How's that for a wordy little parentheses aside?
  • What we plan to do (maybe some more MS Paint illustrations to accompany plans? Maybe I'll actually get the hang of Photoshop? We'll see!)
  • Planning a yard sale to purge a whoooooole lot of unnecessary stuff.
  • More plans for the shop. Where my studio is located now and where it'll go if we have a second baby.
  • And most importantly...the fact that we moved into the house the weekend of April 25th and planned our wedding there on June 1st. What the what?! Are we insane? I think we are.
Stay tuned, friends! Life is about to get exponentially more exciting around here.

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