Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who plans a wedding in a month and a half and lives to tell the tale?

We do. And we're sort of living enough to tell the tale.

We got married this past weekend in our backyard. If you were there, I apologize for the ugly crying and constant proclamations of "this is the best day of my liiiiiiiiife." I will blame the Jack Daniels and the delicious champagne that was consumed during hair and make up time.

So yes, I finally have the same last name as Denny and our daughter. I feel like I am officially official now. I keep glancing down at my left hand, at my sparkly little wedding band, and can't help but feel like a giddy little girl.

And yes, now we can turn our focus to the new house. Because I don't foresee myself baking 150 cupcakes, DIYing every single piece of wedding decor, and all that jazz for a very long time.

Such a long time that poor Peyton is getting the birthday shaft this year. Her spectacular Minnie Mouse birthday party isn't going to happen quite as planned, and I am taking the blame because I am totally crafted out for now and have completely run out of steam. So a small friends and family party in our backyard it is for the little peanut person.

(Sorry, Peyton. I hope this is one of those birthdays you won't remember so you won't tell your therapist about  it one day.)

I'm very much looking forward to serving up quite a few house projects, as well as turning my focus back to the shop (because my craft room still isn't unpacked, sheeeeesh).

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