Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And now you are two.

[UPDATE: For some inexplicable reason, when I went to change the size of the photos in this post, Blogger reposted this post TODAY. Peyton's birthday was last Friday, June 14th, which is when I actually posted this entry. Just so I don't look like a slacker blogger mom. Mmmmkay.]

To our sweet girl:

Today you are two. I feel like you are not my baby anymore.

I remember this baby.

This baby who cried, cooed, kept us awake all night, and made us better people.

Made us parents.

I'll never forget thinking how beautiful you were.

And still are.

Even when you still make these silly faces when you try foods you don't necessarily enjoy.

Our beautiful porcelain doll.

 I love your "wtf" face, your blue eyes, your loving spirit.

You are so full of energy and love, and can light a room up the second you walk into it.

You are so smart. I am amazed by the things you say and do.
(And mommy loves that you're a bookworm in training)

You have made our lives complete.
Even when you grimace in pictures.

Even when you're sick, you're the happiest girl I know.

I love that I didn't teach you how to hold a pencil, but you just held it that way from the get-go.
I love that you love to draw and are so creative and imaginative.

We can't imagine life without you. Our big girl.

I love that we waited and waited and waited for your to finally get some hair on that head, and that every morning you ask me "Ponytail, Mommy?" Because you know Mommy loves playing with what little hair you have.

We love your spirit, and most of all, we love that you're ours.

We love you, angel baby.

Happy 2nd birthday!

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