Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shop Updates

Since I've been moving right along with getting my accessories shop back off the ground on Etsy, I thought I'd spend one day a week on shop updates. Since whatever time I'm not spending with the family, crafting for our home, or DIYing around the house is spent on creating and promoting for my little shop, it only seems fitting to share a little bit about it here as well. And since it'll only be once a week, it'll leave my usual Monday and Wednesday for new original content and Fridays for Five Friday Faves. 

I kind of like that I'm fleshing out this blog content a little more. I find that the more I blog, the easier it gets. Did you know that I posted on all five weekdays last week?! During a holiday week, no less? This is like, groundbreaking for me.

So, Tuesdays are now shop days! But really, I'll only post unless I have something exciting to share (new products, sales, features, etc.), so I don't bog you down if you came here for some good old DIY and crafting.

This week I thought I'd share two items I've added to the shop this week:

I am loving these super cute earrings made from aqua cabochons in a pretty little floral motif. The listing can be found here.

The necklaces were a result of brainstorming a while ago. I was sewing yo-yos for headbands and thought they'd made a really cute statement necklace. Right now I'm offering them in five different prints, but I'm looking forward to getting some more added soon! You can check out those necklaces here.

I'll also be adding earrings in more colors, a couple of sweet pendant necklaces, and some crochet hair accessories throughout the week. Make sure to check back often, or come back here on Tuesdays for any updates.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. super cute stuff! might have to spend some of my pennies at your shop!



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