Thursday, February 14, 2013

House hunting, Shmouse hunting

I really like to think of myself as a fairly optimistic, patient human being. Denny is the pessimistic, things-have-to-happen-right-and-right-now types of person (love you, babe!), and I'm the glass-is-always-3/4-full-don't-worry-be-happy-life-is-grand type of person. We balance each other out pretty nicely; I like to think I help Denny see the brighter side of less than desirable situations, and he grounds me a little when I'm up in the clouds with the rainbows and unicorns.

Patient and optimistic.

There is one thing that is testing what I consider these two very key elements to who I am.

Something I knew would be difficult, but not this difficult...

...House hunting.

Merely typing those words is giving me indigestion.

We were in no rush. We were testing the waters, checking out the market in our area, evaluating want we want in a home, and trying to make the most educated decision on our future. Choosing the home where we will raise our children. Yikes.

Until our realtor showed Denny a house while I was at work last Friday. He texted me afterward, "I kind of fell for it." I checked the listing and swooned over the photos. We went back together after I got done work and I swooned in real life. This house was perfect. Everything we wanted, plus some. ANDANDAND, just a little over our budget, but hello? No one pays asking price.

The next day we put in an offer.  So much for "no rush."

And we waited. For three excruciating days.

I spent the time fantasizing about paint colors, furniture layouts, and pantry organization. I also spent a lot of time on Pinterest (because, duh).

Tuesday, we get the call. Multiple offers on the table, give us your best and final.


There is something about knowing other people want what you want that makes you want it even more.

(Did that make sense? Bear with me.)

Needless to say, we put in our best and final, and would have gotten the house OF OUR DREAMS if the other bidder hadn't thrown in a cash offer. We can't compete with that, so we're now the seller's "back-up plan" if their accepted cash deal falls through.

Doesn't it suck being someone else's back-up plan?

There is one more house we looked at and would like to make an offer on (you know, since we're on a roll now), but our realtor is in California until Sunday. I'm now terrified that we have bizarre magic powers to make any house we invest a little bit of interest in, regardless of whether or not it's been on the market for months, desirable to everyone in a 15 mile radius and THEY MUST HAVE IT NOW.

Insert grumbles here.

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