Friday, February 22, 2013

When coupons backfire

I won't lie...I love coupons.
I love saving money.
I don't buy things at retail value. Ever.
If it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon, then I don't buy it.
If something is on sale AND I have a coupon, then I am overcome with joy. Pure, unadulterated joy.

Today should have been one of those days.

As you probably know and I mentioned earlier in my post today, I have been spending a lot of time fantasizing about this house we don't have. I've been pouring over Pinterest and spending WAY too much time at Pier 1, Target, Michaels, and Christmas Tree Shop. It doesn't help that ALL of these stores are within two miles of my office, making lunch break window shopping far too convenient.

Joann Fabrics is also in that fabulous shopping-office-radius, so I figured today I'd stop in and maybe rummage around their remnant bin which is one of my favorite things to do on my lunch break (a whole hour of manhandling fabric? YES, PLEASE). But instead of bee-lining it to the back of the store, I wandered into the decor section.

I feel like maybe I should also mention that this idea of finally having our home is filling my head with all kinds of thoughts I never thought I'd gardening.

Why not.
I love a good hydrangea.

Anyway. Enough asides in this story.

I was browsing through all of the wonderful gardening goodies and yard decor and stumbled upon the rest of the home decor. And then I saw it:
Image courtesy of Joann Fabrics.
 Joann's, you can totally do better with product photography.

I think I might have let out a giant "squeeeee!" out loud, right there in the middle of the aisle.

And then I saw it: 50% off. I could get it for like...12 bucks.

And then I remembered: I got a coupon in my email this morning for 20% off  my purchase, including sale items. Valid Friday and Saturday only.

Be still my frugal little heart. 70% off this darling little wall hook? The possibilities were endless.

Where would I hang it?

In a hallway?
By the front door?
Would we have a mudroom?
In the powder room?
In our master bathroom?
In our (hopefully) giant walk-in closet, which would be a shame, because then I'd be the only one to admire it?

I gleefully whipped out my phone to download the coupon.

But my phone apparently doesn't like me to save money.

Which makes sense, because I've already had to replace the stupid thing before my contract was up.

Stupid phone.

I tried to download it, but my phone kept shutting down.

At this point, I had to be back at the office in 10 minutes and I wasn't leaving without getting 70% off, goshdarnit. I looked at my purchase, this gleaming new wall hook that would grace some wall in our new house. Even without the coupon, it was still 50% off...still a good deal, right? I should just cut my losses and buy the thing and just be glad that I got it for half off.


I knew I could do better. I just needed that coupon. I had to have that coupon. 70% off!

I wistfully put the wall hook back. I might have whispered to it, "I'll be back for you, my preciousssss." And I went back to my office.

So, I'm off to Joann's tomorrow WITH my coupon (printed out, mind you). I have my fingers crossed my twee little birdies will be waiting for me.

70% off, I mean COME ON.

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