Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's have a reflective post about the New Year...a month and a half late

I realized that with the hustle and bustle of packing, moving, unpacking, and house shopping, I didn't really get to share too much about how much I love starting the New Year (except for the fact that New Years in the dead of winter when it's 30 degree every day and we live in New Jersey so it RAINS all the time instead of snows). Also, should I be capitalizing "new year" like that? New Year?

I don't know.


Something about starting fresh. Maybe getting that re-do you've always wanted.

Not necessarily talking about resolutions. To me, resolutions are fine and dandy until it's the end of February and you're all resolutioned out. Ask me about that gym membership I've been paying $50 a month for and haven't actually USED since last April. I'm super great at resolutions.

I'm talking about goals. It's good to have 'em, even better if you reach 'em. That's my theory. Setting goals at the beginning of the year is awesome because you get 365 days to make them happen!

For example, in 2013, some of my goals are:

To start taking more pictures. Peyton is going to be TWO (TWO!!!!) in four months and the last photos I have of her are from Christmas. Fail.
To take my handmade business seriously and allow others to see that I take it seriously.
To make other people happy with my items.
To build an audience and connect with them on a personal level (hence blog).
To keep my house tidy and cook from scratch more often.
To be fully present in special moments.
To realize every moment with my family is a special one.
To create an ideal workspace/studio in our new home (whenever/where ever we get one).

...That's just a starting list. I do have some more concrete business-related goals for the year, but I won't get into the nitty gritty here. That's what my planner and business plan are there for :)

While these are all somewhat tangible things, I really feel like they'll enhance my life and help me find purpose in the otherwise mundane routine of every day. Everyone needs a little purpose, right? Not just "I'm going to go to the gym three times a week or BUST." That never works out for me.

So, to living purposefully in 2013!

Anyone have any goals they'd like to share? Feel free!

Next post: my family.

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