Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

7:15 AM. The calm.

For my husband, who is my anchor and keeps me grounded.

For my daughter, who is my light and is a perfect reminder of how blessed we really are.

For my family, for just being my family.

For our home, which is filled with so much love, warmth, and happy memories already.

For my job, which has taught me so much about adaptability and learning new things.

For my health, so that I can keep up with my rambunctious two-year old.

For the sunrise this morning, since the last two days were awful weather-wise.

For wine, because it is wonderful.

For the turkey I hopefully am not overcooking as we speak.

For my Etsy shop, which gives me a productive outlet for my need to create things all the time and justifies my need to buy supplies when the mood strikes.

For this blog, because I think Denny is tired of hearing about what paint color to choose for the entry hall for the 1400th time.

For you, friends, for listening to my rantings and ramblings.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope your day is filled with love and light.

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