Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Look Back at February

You guys.

I was totally priding myself on not having been sick since the start of the New Year. Everyone else was sick: Peyton, Denny, family members, every one I work with. I mistakenly gloated a wee bit too much last week and was smacked with a stomach bug the likes of which I have never seen over the weekend.

Karma, friends. Sometimes it's not good.

Anyway, I feel guilty about skipping my Monday post because I wanted to share my seed starting adventures with you (and maybe start a share-as-I-learn gardening series?), but I guess that might have to wait for another day because there are pictures to be edited and an entire post to write on that topic.

As for today, let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? A lane of short-term memory, if you will--February.

I think February was a good month for me. Around the middle of the month, I finally decided that my winter doldrums were not just going to go away on their own and I had to kick them out myself by getting my hands dirty and picking up the paintbrush again. This set the tone beautifully for March, because you know what time it is: Mudroom Makeover month!

I'm so excited to get started this weekend and share all the gory details with you, but let's take a look back at February: a glance in three acts:

This is where the vision for the month of March started: right here with this mood board. The room is already painted, it's just waiting for me to get on with it, already. I'll be building some wall hook boards this weekend and installing them, so yippeee! for this project officially being underway. Wanna check out the deets? See my mudroom inspiration mood board here.

My Wooden Ladder Turned Blanket Rack was a project saved from the "almost trash" pile in my garage and upped the cozy factor in my living room while at the same time giving me a place to store blankets without them being crumpled, sloppily draped messes on my couch.

The DIY Spoon Art Pottery Barn Knockoff is one of my favorite projects to date, I think. Not only did I get a look I was seriously pining for in my kitchen, but I was able to do it AND save $185 in the process. Not too shabby, huh? This project was also featured over at Knock Off Decor, which kind of made my day/week/month/year.

So, how was your February? Anyone staying healthy? Who is looking forward to Spring?

I know personally, I am more than ready for Daylight Savings Time--an extra hour of daylight starting Sunday--yeeeeah!

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