Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Friday Faves

It's Friday, everyone!

Given that the week was just a whirlwind of stuff to do, I'm looking forward to taking it easy peasy this weekend. I might go ahead and start some seeds for my garden and keep shopping materials for my mudroom makeover, but really that's about it. Next weekend will officially commence with the mudroom makeover (shall I absolutely render myself completely ridiculous with titling this series of events "Mudroom Makeover Madness" for the month of March? Time will tell, I suppose) and then we'll really be rocking and rolling!

Here are my five faves for the week. Enjoy!

It's pretty apparent that Old Awful Man Winter isn't letting us out of his grip any time soon (more snow on Monday?! Say it ain't so!), so I think these knit poufs are the perfect way to up the cozy factor in your living spaces in the meantime.

Jonathan Adler for TOMS?! YES. Saw these in my inbox yesterday and almost fell out of my chair. These are perfect for Spring! You know, whenever it decides to get here.

I think these prints by Sullivan Elaine Anlyan for Anthropologie are awesome. They'd look great in the vision of my bedroom I have in my head for the future and I daresay that they'd look super amazing in a nursery (do you hear me, sister?! Get on this!). Also: anything bunny gets me every time.

Gold antlers for all your sparkly/dangly-thing hanging needs? Don't mind if I do. Supporting handmade businesses? Double don't mind if I do.

Are you following me on Instagram yet? I'll forgive you if you aren't yet, but you totally should ;) Even though it feels like -2649668714 degrees out, I am forever loyal to my giant hazelnut iced coffee, cream no sugar. We've been changing our diets pretty drastically at our house, but this is one thing I can't quit.

Happy weekend, all!

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