Friday, February 14, 2014

Five Friday Faves - Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Friday, and Happy Valentine's Day!

If you think this holiday is the bees knees, then yes, I did really mean my Happy Valentine's Day greeting. If you think this holiday sucks, then I'm sorry and let's still be friends.

Okay? Okay.

Anyway, my Valentine's Day is consisting of surprising Peyton with a small gift, surprising my hubster will a little gift, working, and our regularly scheduled pizza night on the meal plan. Hooray. Exciting, right? Tomorrow night we'll celebrate Valentine's Day belatedly by going out to dinner. And nary a piece of Valentine's Day decor is to be seen in our household.

Blogger fail, right?

And here I give you my Five Friday Faves--Valentine's Day Edition, to make up for my slacker status this February. Just pretend it's packaged in a pretty red envelope with glitter and pink bakers twine and we'll call it even.

source: Butterfly Above

source: Target

 source: Pier 1

 source: Z Gallerie

source: Privileged Door

What did you do or are you doing for Valentine's Day? Please tell me your day was a lot more festive than mine.

Happy weekend!

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