Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That Time I Did a Craft Show + Weekend Update

Hello, lovelies!

I missed posting on Monday, and I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted until I was crawling into my super warm bed to watch "Friends" re-runs until I fell asleep. Sometimes cozy beds and the best show to be on TV ever in the history of TV wins, ya know?

I participated in my first craft show on Saturday. I will call it a success because a.) I sold two items, which means that yes--people will want to buy my stuff! b.) I have realized that church-sponsored shows are not my scene--I'm super glad I did it, but glad I am learning; and c.) I was able to network and was invited to another craft show in April.

Things I learned at the craft show: make sure your handmade banner doesn't fall apart that morning and MORE HEIGHT.
Also: still working on a line of pom pom items for the shop. Hopefully I'll get them rolled out before Easter!
Signing up for another craft show means I am already half way to my 2014 goal of signing up for four craft shows this year. And we haven't even gotten into full-blown craft show season!

Speaking of other goals, I am so consumed with the winter yuck and doldrums that I can't bring myself to get started on projects to tackle in the house. I am, however, whipping up a few mood boards to help inspire me to get a move on, already.

And then there is this:

At the Atlantic City Boat Show.
The child has a need for speed. She is so her daddy's girl.

How was your weekend, friends?

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