Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Vignette

I don't know about you guys, but I love the 4th of July.

It's officially summer, spending time with family and friends, BBQs, pool time, beach time, lawn games, being outside, and most importantly, remembering how much I LOVE everything about America, and that the 4th of July serves as a grand reminder of our humble beginnings of 13 colonies who banded together and created some amazing ideas on what a country should be.

I love America.

This is where we all chant together...


I've never decorated for the 4th of July (SHAAAAME), and even though the 4th is tomorrow, I was determined to throw something together.

I know...a lot of you have been doing your 4th of July crafting and decorating since June 1st. Again, slacker blogger here, nice to meet you.

As for decor, here is my newest addition to the family, the buffet:

We don't have a fireplace and therefore no mantle, but I do love the idea of having a designated space to decorate for the seasons and holidays. So I'm super glad I picked up and fixed up this pretty little buffet.

Bonus: I'm going to store all of my tabletop decor IN the buffet so it's all in once place, instead of digging through various totes in the garage and shed. Storage, WIN.

As for what's currently on the buffet, I simply printed out these awesome printables and added them to frames I already had.

Please check out each of those wonderfully generous, talented bloggers! 

Then I spent a nice Saturday morning thrifting and searching around my house for red, white, and blue items.

I picked up some books, the red, white, and blue basket, the old-school Smucker's jar, the little blue mug and the big red beer stein, and the white milk glass from my local Goodwill. The milk glass actually reads "'76" near the neck of the bottle because it's a bicentennial Christmas piece, but if you don't look closely you don't even notice. (Which means that bad boy is coming back for double duty at Christmas!) The big glass jug is actually an old bottle that I found in my stepdad's basement and the little white bird I got from Michael's a year ago on clearance.

In total, I maybe spent...$10? on this set up. 

And now the problem that has been plaguing me since I moved pretty miss buffet into the house:

What should I do about this giant blank wall and stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb thermostat? Plate wall, gallery wall (but wall with just frames or frames with ACTUAL pictures?). Some sort of homemade art? What to do? Don't you love it when you finish one project which inevitably leads to another project (I'm not complaining, though).

So, what are your plans for a Happy 4th? Feel free to share in the comments.

Enjoy and be safe, everyone!

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  1. looks great! I always pick my buffet for doing seasonal decorations even though I do have a mantel, because my mantel is sort of weird and hard to work with and in a room that I haven't done much with yet. And thermostats! They are troublesome, aren't they? I have no advice, since that's another untackled project at my house, too!

    1. Thermostats are the WORST! In my last house it was in a pretty non-intrusive spot, but this one is RIGHT THERE. In my face. All the time. Good luck figuring out what to do with yours, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Your buffet looks great! Why not do a combo of empty frames, pictures in frames and some artwork.

    1. Great suggestion, thank you! The best of all the worlds!

  3. Looks so festive!! I love all the printables!


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