Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th of July

Our holiday was both lazy and eventful, if that's even possible. Kind of how I like my holidays. The best of both worlds.

We spent the first half of the day lounging around the house. I cleaned a little and ran some errands while Denny and Peyton napped until I finally couldn't take it any more and decided to get festive, sickness or not. 

I got Miss Peyton dressed and snapped a photo (or 12).

An instagram shot.

Denny had to work today so he didn't feel like getting trapped in the post-fireworks traffic until well after midnight, so I packed up Peyton and went with his family to spend the afternoon out at the inlet in Atlantic City, where we had a view of both the Borgata's and the Revel's fireworks.

Also a sweet view of our normal beach spot, which we decided against since
I'm still under the weather.

It was a really great afternoon, spent with his family. Peyton had a blast being reunited with her cousins from Georgia:

I find that taking pictures of my ONE toddler is hard,
but taking photos of TWO toddlers is impossible.
But aren't they darling? They're eight months apart.

So proud of my big girl for sharing her book.

It was around 5 PM when my phone died, and therefore so did my only method of taking photos (since my camera is still MIA since the move). But Peyton LOVED the fireworks.

"Mommy, there're so cute!" She would say, and then name every color in awe of what was going on in the sky.

Love that child too much.

Needless to say, we didn't get home until 1:00 AM. Which means Mommy overslept for her oil change appointment this morning (whoops!).

I've been taking Peyton to the sitter all week as I'm terrified she'll catch my sickness, so I've been taking advantage of the solo time to get some things done. I went to my oil change appointment (late), and braved the Social Security office to FINALLY get my name changed (a whole month late, ha!).

My day of solo productivity included a trip to the Goodwill. Where I found this:

I smell a project!

The table and three chairs for $24.99 (!!!). It's pretty beat up AND the chairs need to be reupholstered AND I'd be stuck with an odd number, BUT on Saturdays blue tags are 50% off. Which means I could get the table and chairs for $13. It seems stupid not to get them. I took it as a sign that this set wouldn't fit in my car today and vowed that I would come back tomorrow. If it's still there, it's on.

I did just show Denny this photo and he crinkled his nose at me like I was a crazy person, but COME ON. Does anyone else see the potential here for a possible $13? Am I alone in this? 

I think he just has a vision of this stuff sitting in our garage for an undetermined amount of time, taking up precious man space.

Ahhhh well.

How did you spend your 4th of July? Do you think I'm insane for wanting that (incomplete and beat up) dining set?


  1. That is an awesome price for a table set! Was it still there when you went back?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! We never went back for it. After looking at the pictures I took my husband thought it was no good and vetoed picking it up. This set will forever be known as the one that got away. Hoping I can score something similar soon!


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