Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ruminations on Being Home Sick and Daytime Television

I'm sick.

Like...sinus infection, ear infection, pinkeye (PINKEYE?!?!) sick.

Peyton is at the sitter's so she doesn't catch the plague from me.

Denny is at work.

So it's just me, the laptop, and the TV. All day.

I used to watch a whole lot of daytime TV when I was at home with Peyton (well, maybe not "watch," but I kept it on for background noise while a tiny screamy baby with reflux slowly chipped away at my sanity), but I find myself completely irritated by it today. Maybe it's the sickness. Who knows.

But seriously...

Whoopi Goldberg, WHY do you have to shout so much on "The View"? I have an ear infection, and you are hurting me.

Rachael Ray, WHY are you hugging up on all those puppies for adoption and then running right into your kitchen to make some delicious burgers? I hope you washed your hands during commercial breaks. I frown at dog hair in my food.

Contestants on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," WHY do you have to explain every answer? You know the answer, JUST SAY IT.

Ugh, here's to hoping I feel better enough tomorrow to actually go out and enjoy some holiday festivities.

Otherwise it'll be me, the laptop, daytime TV, and the rage again.

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