Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm obsessing over a rug.

You guys.

I am whooped.

It's Monday. It was a long, snowy, slushy, gray, gross Monday.

I find myself staring at Peyton's Easter dress, hoping and wishing to see those nice pastel colors in real life, but no. Things are gray. I dislike.

So I've been whipping these up, you know, to get past the gray Winter doldrums:

You can find these in the shop.
I'll be adding a new necklace each night this week until they've all been unveiled
in their springtime gloriousness.
PS: Facebook page is here. In case you were wondering.
I feel like I would have been better rested if I had relaxed this weekend. But no, we are closing on our house a month from TODAY (!!!) and I couldn't be more excited. There's so much to do!
On Saturday, I dragged my mom around to every thrift store in a 20 mile radius on a mission for living room furniture. We are ordering a couch brand new, but $300+ for a coffee table and $250+ each for side tables made me sad on the inside so I was a woman on a mission. And my mission paid off.

That one that doesn't have the ceiling fan on it? She's mine. For a whopping $50! I've seen other bloggers do much better price-wise on sweet furniture finds, but after searching several thrift stores, I'm realizing $50 on a coffee table is way better than a $300 coffee table. Any day.
I also found a pair of ADORABLE side tables for $65 ($32.50 EACH! That's what I'm talking about!). I don't have the picture of them uploaded to the computer from my phone, but I do believe I'll be having a special blog post about all three of these tables in the near future, so you'll be seeing a lot of them very, very soon.
I also wanted this. BAD.

And this. EXTRA BAD.
But I practiced a whole lot of self-restraint. And also had realistic expectations that neither piece would fit in my Malibu. The 'BuBu can fit a whole lot of junk in it, but not that much junk.
This also happened:
Image courtesy of RugsUSA. I'm obsessed.
New rug for the living room! After I ordered it in a state of sheer and utter joy and MUSTHAVEITNOW, I realized that it's an outdoor rug. But it will look so darling and twee in our living room that Momma don't even care. It's beautiful. And I'm obsessed. I might have dreamt about it last night.
So naturally, after all the junk hunting, frenzied rug ordering, and gray snow yuck, I am tiiiiiiiiired.
Here's to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday moving along nice and quickly. I'm looking at you, Tuesday. You're next.

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