Monday, March 18, 2013

The hunt is over!

We have a house, folks!

I'm so excited, relieved, happy, and a thousand other words. We've found the place we'll call home and raise our children and THAT is such an awesome feeling!

The REALLY exciting part is that the house is only five years old and is a complete blank slate. The paint colors the current owners chose I can totally get down with (except for a SUPER yellow room which needs to be toned down like crazy).

So different, yet so alike. This is my newest internal debate.
15 different yellows, seriously?!

This means I get to try all those awesome DIY project I've saved on Pinterest. Gotta make that house a home, you know?

We are so excited!

In other news, I'll be releasing some new headbands for the shop as often as I can. I launched the headband line yesterday, and I'm really happy with them!

Another conundrum: finding some GOOD light. It's an uphill battle.

So many things happening...2013 is going to be a BIG year for us and for Whimsy Renee. 

I'm so glad to be on this ride.

Visit the shop, Whimsy Renee, to check out the rest of the pretties, and be sure to check back often!

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