Friday, March 15, 2013

Sometimes, I go overboard.

If there is anything I enjoy doing more than making cute stuff, it's entertaining.

I live for it. If I could throw a party every day, I so would.

Unfortunately, not every day warrants a party. But I wish.

A big day is coming up for a party...June 15. Most people think two to three months in advance is enough to plan a party. Not me. I'm talking more like six months to effectively plan and execute a party.

Except for when we decided to host a New Years Eve party. Two weeks before. And had to move out two weeks after. That was fun and I function well under pressure, but I didn't necessarily like it.

Peyton's 2nd birthday is June 14th. Falls on a Friday. PERFECT. Party will be Saturday!

Last year, we didn't have the space at our house to accommodate our huge families and friends, so we rented a couple pavilions at a county park. Beautiful day, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating little P's one whole year on earth.

Birthday girl.
And mother of the year over here forgot to pack a change of clothes for her after the cake assassination.

Sad thing is, I slaved for MONTHS over this birthday party...a cupcake themed party, with pinks, cream, and brown as the main color scheme and bunting galore. 400 feet of bunting. Hand-rolled rosettes as centerpieces. Tissue paper pom-poms.The above photo is the only one I got of. the. whole. day.

I was so wrapped up in entertaining I didn't take any pictures of any of my hard work! It was blog-worthy, I tell you. WORTHY. If there was a Style Me Pretty for 1st Birthday Parties, Peyton's first birthday party would be ON IT.

Sadness. Thank goodness for family who are quite adept with their camera skills, because I did wind up with a whole slew of photos for the day.

At any rate, birthday number 2 for Miss Peyton is going to be Minnie-themed. If you've glanced around Pinterest at all, you know my brain is exploding from all of the awesome ideas and I see DIY burn-out in my near future.

Party planning. It hurts so good.

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