Thursday, March 28, 2013

This doesn't bode well

A holiday is coming and naturally Peyton gets sick. How do they know?!

It started with general crankiness this week. I figured: teething. Child has had her fist shoved as far into her mouth as she can get it for WEEKS. Drooling. Won't let me inspect the situation and tries to gnaw my finger off when I try to feel around in her mouth. Serious molar action, I thought.

Then there was the falling asleep well before bedtime. I'm talking asleep on my shoulder at 5:30 PM and so help me do not wake her.

Then there was this morning. Oh, this morning. It was one of those mornings when you have a little person clinging to you for dear life and there is no way she is letting go and everything you do is the WORST possible thing to ever happen to her.

Here, Peyton, let's put on your shirt.

Oh no, why are you screaming?

Hey, Peyton, want to snuggle?

Oh, I picked you up too quickly. Why are you screaming?!

Sick toddlers. Sheesh.

I do feel bad, because she's just so sad when she doesn't feel well.

Sleeping on Nana.
How can someone look so sad even when they're sleeping?!
I brought her to my sister's house for dinner and some egg dyeing (Dying? I feel like it's so sad for the eggs if it's spelled that way). Peyton was not too thrilled about the festivities:
Ugh, bunnies.
Eventually, I got her in the spirit of things.
Just kidding.
So my mom, my sister and I dyed eggs and Peyton watched.
Megan's first blog appearance.

Serious egg dyeing.

I'm taking the day off from the 9-5 tomorrow to nurse our poor baby back to health because we have a hot date with an Easter Bunny on Saturday.

If you haven't been following on the Facebook page, I posted the final necklace of my line-up so far. I'm excited to use some different fabrics to make more. But here's a sneak peek of what's next:
Unedited preview. I am LOVING this color combo.
Check out the shop to see some more goodies and check back throughout the weekend for some more new additions!

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