Sunday, August 11, 2013

Powder Room Mood Board

If you've read my Pseudo House Tour, you might have noticed my Barney powder room. 

I call it the Barney powder room because it is purple. Not just a little purple, but a lot purple. The MLS photo I shared looks like a harmless little lavender bathroom, but it is, in fact, a violet monstrosity. Because there are no windows and it's a small room, the purple walls feel very heavy and way too close for comfort.

Did I mention that purple is my least favorite color? Okay, well, now you know!

Behold, the offender:

And on the opposite (still purple) wall, about four feet away from the sink, is the toilet.
I have a closet on the first floor that is bigger than this powder room. Truth.

Not only am I dealing with severely purple walls, I'm also rocking a builder's grade light fixture and mirror, and a towel bar that is about two feet long. I'm puzzled as to why a powder room would need so many towels that such a long towel bar is required, but I stopped asking questions about a month after we moved in.

Oh, yeah...and there's LINOLEUM. High fives for linoleum! Just kidding, I know you hate it as much as I do.

I'm looking forward to lightening and brightening the space, making the walls feel less like they're closing in, and adding some accessories to make this windowless room a little more fun. Bathrooms should be fun, right?

If you are following me on Pinterest, you might have seen a "Bathroom Makeover" board pop up within the last week or so. I am a woman on a mission, I am. My Bathroom Makeover board encompasses any and all inspiration I've found for any of our three bathrooms. The powder room should feel lucky that I find it so offensive that it needs to be re-done first!

I decided to put together my first mood board (forgive some of the editing, please; sometimes I get a bit crazy with that magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop ;) to get a feel of what I'd like to see in here. 

I'm thinking lots of metals, warm floors, and a lighter paint (smell ya later, purple!)

1. Zinc Framed Mirror from Ballard Designs  2. Allen + Roth 3-light Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vanity Light from Lowe's  3. Moen Preston Single Post Toilet Paper Holder in Chrome from Home Depot  4. Moen Ellsworth Towel Ring in Chrome from Home Depot  5. Threshold Glass with Pewter Soap Pump from Target  6. Threshold Bathroom Wastebasket in Iron/Silver from Target  7. Marazzi Montagna Saddle 24 in. x 6 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile from Home Depot  8. Olympic Morning Fog in Satin from Lowe's

I'm really looking forward to ditching the ridiculously long towel bar for a simple chrome towel ring and adding in some sweet accessories. Maybe I'll build some shelves over our toilet? The possibilities are endless!

The above photo is kind of how I feel right now (10 points for you if you know this movie), but I need to be realistic and realize that this is like, a 3' x 7' room I'm talking about here.

Still on the hunt for those accessories, some art options, linens, and a 2x3 rug. Any suggestions?

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  1. Love your mood board, it is going to look fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Marty, and for hosting a wonderful link-up!


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