Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Late Summer Vignette

The wall behind my made-over buffet is still super nekkid, but I dolled up my "fake mantel" itself again :)

It was probably around August 4th that I gasped in horror and realized that my 4th of July stuff was still out. I know, I know, Labor Day is right around the corner, but I couldn't bring myself to keep all that stuff out for another month.

Home Sweet Home printable courtesy of Going Home to Roost
Love is Spoken Here printable courtesy of J&A and Company
Life is Good Printable courtesy of gDesigned

The boxwood topiaries are from Christmas Tree Shoppe, and I found the last two on clearance for $4.99 a piece. They came pre-lit, so all I had to do was add batteries. I know they're not real preserved boxwoods, but the cheapest I could find them anywhere near me was $30 a pop (for the same size!) and that was at Marshall's. Marshall's, people! The land of cheap things!

Maybe I'm cheap, but I am not spending $30 on a foot-tall fake plant, trendy or not.

My stack o'books from the thrift store stayed put, as did my little white bird from Michael's, big antique jug, and Smucker's jar. I added my mason jar with it's rusty little lid from my stepdad's basement and the milk glass bud vase from the local Goodwill. The rest of the birdies and the blue glass bottle are from Michael's. 

The Calendula flowers are from my garden. I am loving waking up to new pops of yellow and orange in my front garden beds. Along with my Astros, they are such cheerful little flowers, and I'm looking forward to drying the calendula petals for some at-home remedies and harvesting the seeds for next year.

To me, printables are a nice way to add some quick, easy, and beautiful art. I picked three for their use of color and I liked that all three kind of tied together in theme. They all celebrate the simplicity of home but tie in some fun summer color.

This vignette might seem more Spring-appropriate to some, but everything outside is still so green and vibrant right now. I feel like it's summer giving us it's last hurrah.  Pretty soon all the colors will fade away, the air will get colder, and we'll all be wishing for the green and warmth again. It's nice to relish in it a little bit longer, don't you think?

And with that, I'm looking forward to pulling out the fall decor in a few weeks' time and creating some fun DIY decor projects.

What are you working on? Is it back to school time in your neck of the woods? The kids here still have about two weeks left before they go back!

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