Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Decor in Our Home

Who is tired of talking about Fall yet?

Anyone? Anyone?

I'm really not. And, as a warning, I feel compelled to tell you that about 90% of my planned posts for the next four weeks revolve around Fall DIYs. So sorry not sorry? in advance, friends! As much as I love summer, I love all things Fall and everything it brings.

I thought I'd show you how I deck our halls with all things Fall. I love the colors of this particular seasonal decor. All the red, oranges, gold, and brown--there's so much richness and warmth involved. It automatically screams "cozy," and all the awesomely scented candles don't hurt, either.

I'll openly admit that my made-over buffet is really still the star of my living room, what with it's versatility and spacious horizontal surface (holla back more space to vignette it up in here!). Most of the decor is from Christmas Tree Shops, collected over the last few years. The old brown bottle and old mason jar are lucky finds, and the silver pedestal tray is a thrift store goodie. The lace-wrapped jar is a leftover from my wedding craft-o-palooza. The framed "Home Sweet Home" printable is from Going Home to Roost.

Oh! And the bunting was whipped up in an hour one afternoon. It's actually scattered throughout our house right now. I've got a tutorial in the works for that, sewing required ;)

My (blurry? bahhhh) media cabinet also received it's share of Fall goodness, as well. As a matter of fact, so did the whole wall:

I found these shutters at Marshalls for $20 a piece. I snagged these before we even found our house, but I knew I had to have them and we'd find a spot for them. They were originally mail sorters, but I hung some mason jars with silk flowers on them to add a little something special. As it turns out, it makes that television a little prettier.

I change the flowers out with the season, but these are silk hydrangeas and peonies. Next year I'm hoping to have a thriving garden (besides the Astros, Calendula, and Morning Glory I have going now) so I can throw some fresh flowers into those babies.

This little table was given to us by Denny's aunt and uncle and sits in our foyer area. I'm so glad it found its way to me. I initially had the itch to paint it, but it's so sweet I'm going to leave it just so. My birdcage found its way here with another silk hydrangea, as well as two antique-looking lanterns I found in my shopping travels. The tin can was also a result of wedding craft-o-palooza, and I hand-rolled the burlap and lace roses and attached them to some craft store stems for a simple little bouquet.

And last but not least, my newly redone Powder Room (or W.C., as it's affectionately called now) got a few hints of Fall with some tinted tiny apple vase filler and some dollar-store gourds perched on my thrift store candle sticks.

That's it so far! As for the outdoors, I've made my Ruffled Burlap Wreath for the front door, planted some mums, and added a cute little wooden pumpkin on a stake near our front door, but that's really about it. Both our front and back yards are works in progress, but that's another post for another day.

What do you have going in your home? Do you decorate every room in the house? I think my kitchen is missing out on the action.

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  1. I just LOVE those hanging mason jars. Your decor is so adorable!!

  2. Hi Brittany, Love your blog and now am following you back :) Fall is my favorite season, so looking forward to seeing your fall posts. I love the buffet, really nice. Love all your decorations, so beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Sky-Ann! Glad you stopped by and that you love Fall as much as I do!

  3. I love the buffet and the decor on it! And the hanging mason jars are pretty darn sweet! I'm a new follower :) Feel free to check out my blog at


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