Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, ya'll!

I had so much fun sharing some Fall Decor Inspiration with you last Friday that I decided to make a regular thing of it!

My apologies in advance for the filler posts this week. Between the look back at August and now Friday Faves, I feel like such a slacker for not shelling out any actual new personal content. I promise though, I have a few projects lined up for the weekend that will provide lots of new content to share with you!

And now for a look at some of my favorite pins from Pinterest-land this week (a friendly reminder: please remember to pin from the original sources, which I've included under each image!):

 source: Live Love DIY

source: Half Baked Harvest 
(had to throw some food in...these look SO GOOD.)

source: Country Living

 PS: Is Pinterest a major time-suck for anyone else? I swear, it was so hard to choose just five favorites and I got lost for over an hour browsing around. Where does time go when you're on Pinterest?

To see these pins and a lot more check out my Pinterest boards. Feel free to follow me and I'll return in favor.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The weather here is getting cooler already...the high was only 73 degrees today and I was actually cold this morning before I left for work. It's like September happened and Mother Nature knows we're all excited for Fall.

What's up your sleeves this weekend?


  1. I love your blog. I could not see a Liebster award posted on your site. If you are interested in accepting the award click on the link and follow the directions.

    1. Oh, thank you Rhonda! And thanks for stopping by!


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