Monday, September 30, 2013

Chevron and Orange Halloween Wreath

Good mooooorning, all!

I thought I'd cheer up your Monday morning with another pretty fun wreath I made for Halloween. Well, I guess technically it's for Fall. But to me it definitely has some Halloween tones to it (orange, much?)

I always have an inner struggle with Fall/Halloween decorations. When is it okay to start decorating for Fall? When is it okay to start decorating for Halloween? My sister and I were lamenting over the fact that a.) She doesn't have any Fall decorations, just Halloween decorations and b.) I don't have any Halloween decorations, just Fall decorations. What a conundrum, I tell you.

Anyway, as much as I enjoy Halloween, I usually only put out a few jack-o-lanterns or a few distinctively "Halloween" decorations. Maybe when Peyton is a little older I'll add some more to the Halloween line-up, but right now it's just too easy to put my decorations up in September and then just switch out a few items until it's time to bust out the Christmas decorations on Black Friday.

So, I made this wereath and I like it because to me, it says Halloween, but really it can be left up throughout the Fall. Holla back, versatile wreathy goodness!

The last wreath I shared with you was all fancy, but this one is super fun and whimsical thanks to the chevron print and the ruffled flowers I made with some sweet orange satin fabric.

To make this, you'll need your supplies:
Wreath form
Fabric of your choice:
     Fabric with which you are going to wrap your wreath form
     Fabric with which you are going to create your fabric flowers
     (You'll see I had a red fabric here, but I changed my mind because I decided I liked the look of just the 
     orange against the gray chevron instead. So fickle, I am.)
Needle & coordinating thread
Hot glue gun

Take the fabric you are going to wrap your wreath with and cut it into pretty wide strips.

And then (duh) wrap your wreath, securing it with hot glue. If you have a geometric print or heavily patterned fabric, you can take the care to make sure each strip matches...if you like making yourself insane.

Wreath rocket science.

Then you're going to take your fabric for your flowers (in this case I chose a pretty orange satin fabric I had in my stash), and cut that into strips. I folded my strips in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and should have pressed my crease but...(did you guess?) I am lazy lazy and I like the puffed up look of the crease when everything is finished, anyway.

Also, a fair warning to those of you who actually sew: I might make you hate me for this. I apologize in advance. Once I get a hold of learning how to use my sewing machine, I promise you I will take the time to press my creases, seams, whatever it is that needs pressing. Promise.

Anyway, take your needle and thread and run a stitch down the length of your folded fabric strip. PS: Use coordinating thread with your fabric.

And gather your strip into a ruffle. Can you tell I love ruffles?

Your fabric strip, once gathered, will become all curly-q ish. Don't fight your fabric strip's wants and needs and start rolling it around itself, making a pretty little flower.
See? How cuuuuuute.

Then you will want to take your needle and thread and run several stitches across the backside of your newly cutesy ruffled flower, making sure to grab each layer of the flower with your needle. Stitch until you feel that your flower is secure.

A terrible example in arrows. 

Keep making flowers as many times as you'd like, and then glue your flowers onto your wrapped wreath in any pattern you like. I'm all for simple, so I just made a cluster of three flowers on one side.

Hang it on your sassy red (or whatever color your door is, but I'm sure it's sassy regardless) and congratulate yourself for having versatile seasonal door decor.

Hope Monday is kind to you, friends!  I am staying home today while we get a leak in our air conditioning system fixed. We made it through the summer on a temporary fix back in June, but I'm excited to get it officially fixed.

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  1. So cute! I love the orange "ruffle"!

  2. Love your flowers. I'm looking for a not too Halloween way to dress up my wreath for October. This might work! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Pretty! Really pops on your door, too. :)

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    xo, amy

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    I am your newest follower on facebook & twitter. I would love for you to visit me.

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