Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Look Back at September

Happy October, everyone!

This is the part where I insert an exclamation about how last month FLEW by and OMG it's October already.

But seriously, guys, September flew by...and it's October already. This means we are creeping ever closer to Halloween, consuming turkey like there's no tomorrow, and December, which is like a month of awesome every day.

I won't lie...I definitely let this month sneak by me. You might remember in my Fall Bucket List that I resolved to make this a season of gratitude and would take a few moments each day to consciously be present. But wow, the month is over already and I feel like it never happened. This is the part where I resolve to try harder next month, especially since there is one more day in October than in September ;)

And now I'd like to share with you the top three posts from last month. You know, to kind of remind myself about what I did since it went so quickly.

#3 is my post on the Colorful No-Sew Fall Bunting I currently have hanging around my house by the yard. I love this stuff, and it is so versatile for the holidays, nurseries, big girl/boy rooms, your room,  parties, or just because. LOVE.

#2 is the Ruffled Burlap Wreath Tutorial I shared with you. This wreath is currently gracing my front door right now in all her sparkly, ruffly, burlappy glory, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed the tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating this wreath. To see the other wreath I made and shared this month, check this out.

And #1 is a post I could have sworn was from last month, but had to go back through my archives and realized that yes, this post is indeed from September. It's my Powder Room Makeover & Reveal, in which I proudly showed off the first and only room in our new home that is finished. I am thrilled with it and I still get the smiles when I walk by and see my handmade faked reclaimed wooden sign peeking out at me from the hallway.

And there's the best of September, all! Bring on October!

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