Monday, October 28, 2013

Some Exciting News

I've been super-slackeriffic around these parts, friends, and for that I apologize.

I wrote out a pretty sweet editorial calendar for myself, set up a nice M-W-F posting schedule and all that jazz, and could not stick to it.

BUT BUT BUT. I have a preeeetty good reason.

Not looking into the camera ever and seeming to be extra shifty is a new thing around these parts.
We're baking a new bundle of joy over here! New babykins is slated to arrive in May 2014 and we couldn't be more excited. Peyton is pretty pumped to be a big sister and she is totally team "Baby Brudder." Because we hate surprises, we'll be finding out if this baby is a he or a she around Christmas and after the holidays the preparations will officially be underway. So. Stoked.

So now you know why I have been a slacker blogger lately. I haven't had morning sickness per se, but it's more of an all-day-nausea-but-no-actual-puking. I don't know what would be worse--actually throwing up all day or just feeling like you could at any moment but never actually doing it? I am on the latter end of that spectrum and I can tell you it isn't fun.

Plus, oh my, the exhaustion. I was tired with Peyton, but I don't remember being this tired. I come home from work, crash and burn, wake up in the morning, and repeat. The weekends consist of napping whenever and where ever I can.

All of this is so worth it though, because we are growing our family. Eyes on the prize, am I right?

Because I had no energy for projects, I had nothing fun or worthwhile to share. I didn't want to post filler and junk every day, so I backed off on the posting. Now that I am mostly through all those less-than-pleasant symptoms, I am looking forward to sharing a lot more with you since I'll actually have the energy to, you know, do things. And hellooooo---a new nursery to put together?! YES, PLEASE. (PS: I've officially made my nursery/big birl room board "un-private" here on Pinterest).

At any rate, I just wanted to explain my general craptastic-ness, and I'm so looking forward to sharing this exciting next year and on. Thank you for reading, and thanks for being awesome.

And as for Wednesday's post? Here's a teaser photo:

Oh man. You guys. That door.


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