Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Friday Faves

Hellooooo, Friday.

Today marks the end of the first full work week I've had since the week of Halloween. Seriously, I could give this Friday so many hugs right now.

If you missed out, this week on the blog was a week of looking back and setting new goals. Next week I'll unveil my Winter Whites & Neutral decor (once I, um, make it?).

I also have something to admit. You guys, don't judge me.

But my Christmas decorations are still up.

I know, it's horrible. I have so much shame.  My husband has the sads. 

That will change this weekend, though. Hooray for progress, albeit late and wrong.

Anyway, moving onto my five faves on this glorious Friday. I'm thinking with the new-ness of 2014, I'll be switching up my usual Friday love-fest, and instead of just pins, I'll be focusing on things I love in general--it could be on Pinterest, or it could be from any of my lunch break window shopping binges, or some intangible thing like how Peyton is currently sporting the most amazing mullet ever until the front of her hair finally catches up with the back of her hair (okay, maybe that MIGHT be a tangible, but you know what I mean). 

There has been a lot of chatter lately about Pinterest and it's worth (or lack thereof?) to bloggers and while I still love that site with all of my being and enjoy using it as a tool to grow my blog, using it for my Five Friday Faves is getting to be tedious. I often find myself getting misty-eyed over the perfect pin and then raging because the image takes me to the wrong site, or (EVEN WORSE) the image takes me to a broken link or spam. And if I can't properly find the source to the image to properly link to it, I don't post it. And that gives me the sads. 

And with that, this week will be the last of the fully Pinterest-fed Five Friday Faves. Next week the sky is the limit around here!

Please pin from the original sources, which I've provided to you.

Have a happy weekend, friends! Hopefully some of you will be putting your Christmas decorations away finally too, which would totally make me feel better about my slackerness.

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