Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Friday Faves

It's Friday, friends!

Hope everyone had a great week and stayed warm! Jersey is currently experiencing its second round of the POOOOOLAR VOOOORTEX, and it is damn cold. It is also making me exceptionally lazy. I won't lie.

The tiny child came down with some yuckyness this week, so we've been battling that. Add in a "snowstorm" that was supposed to dump 12 inches of snow on us that really only dumped two inches and's been a longggg week.

But fear not, friends! It's Friday and that means we have the weekend to look forward to!

And here are a few of my favorite things to kick off the weekend shenanigans:

Hello, you sassy bar cart. My head is telling me there is not a spot for this in my house, but my heart is telling me it belongs in my bedroom makeover. Bar carts in bedrooms, why not? Oh Threshold, you make me want to buy all the things (so I guess good job, Target).

Twizzlers. I actually forgot that Twizzlers were a thing. And then I realized that my office keeps them stocked in the kitchen. And now I have rekindled my love with Twizzlers.

This was the snowstorm that was supposed to give us OMG A FOOT and instead we got OMG TWO INCHES. Needless to say, I was not impressed but the roads were icy, and so I took a vacation day. Good thing, because the peanut woke up with a fever so we got to snuggle all day long. And it was glorious.

This child amazes me. Even sick, she has such a sense of humor. This is before she got sick, but she makes me laugh every day and I am just so in awe of her.

Also, our little girl is starting pre-school next week! Sure, it's one day a week and only a half day, but still--pre-school! I cannot.

This iPhone case. My birthday is in April. That is all.

Have a great weekend, friends! Home Depot and I are about to get reacquainted. I haven't been there since before Christmas--that's insane.


  1. I've had my eye on that bar cart for quite some time, but am having the same dilemma. No where to put it!! It really is stunning though! Can't wait to see your bedroom makeover!

    1. Don't you hate it when you see something so great and you just know it won't work anywhere? I have literally thought about changing the look of my living room just to put this cart in it. But who might just look fabulous in my bedroom! Thanks for stopping by, Melanie!


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