Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Friday Faves

It's that time again...time to kick back and relax, because it's FRIDAY!

We've got quite the weekend lined up. Tonight I'll be making inventory until my fingers fall off or I fall asleep--which every comes first--and then tomorrow we've got a company rep  coming out to give us an estimate on a whole-house generator (we're pretty much scarred for life thanks to the derecho of 2012 that left us without electricity for a week).

After the rep leaves, we'll be heading north to visit with my dad and his girlfriend and her mother to FINALLY celebrate Christmas with them. Three weeks late, but hey, it's kind of fun to bring some of the Christmas spirit into January, right?

I'm hoping to provide you guys with some fun weekend updates on Monday, but for now let's get down to the Five Friday Faves.

1. Lately Peyton has been grabbing me by the face, bringing it thisclose to hers, and firmly stating that I "need to be nice" because "Santa won't bring you any presents!" Why did this not work on her BEFORE Christmas, but she's using it as a tool against me NOW?! Toddlers are crazy.

2. This rug for my living room. I want to let it brush my hair and tell it all my secrets.

3. This lamp for the master bedroom. Actually, two of them. Yes, I know they're from The Land of Nod and definitely located in the Kids Lighting section, but I need it. Just look at it and tell me you don't love it. There's a 95% chance that you'll be lying.

4. The DIY Nautical Knot Rope Necklace tutorial from Handmade in the Heartland. I love all things nautical and if I was able to have a nautical themed wedding at the yacht club my in-law's belong to (which I was planning, but the club was sadly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and they are slowly but surely repairing), you can bet I would have made this to wear. With my dress. And it would have been awesome. All of Angela's projects are awesome and her blog is absolutely lovely.

5. This jewelry box from Target. It's from the Threshold line (which automatically means I will love it) and really just perfectly perfect and I want one for every room in my house. I got a couple to give out as Christmas gifts and didn't think to pick up one (or 10) for myself, and now getting back to Target and tracking these down has suddenly become a crazy priority.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun going on?

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  1. I love love love all of this... but I'm drooling over that rug hard style.


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