Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shop Updates

Helloooooo, friends!

A little later on Tuesday than I planned, but I haven't shared any updates with you lately and I figured it's about darn time!

I'm slowly adding items for Valentine's Day, and that will really be my focus this month. While I am working on a slew of different items (and just placed a preeeeeetty big supply order last night), red and pink are the name of the game as I prep for the holiday of L-O-V-E.

Hot Pink Rose Stud Earrings - $7.50

Red Rose Stud Earrings - $7.50

Crochet Heart Bobby Pins - Set of 3 - $6.50

I'm also tickled to announce that I signed up for my first fair! I'll be sharing the details in the next week or so, but I've been a busy bee planning inventory and display. This is something I've been saying I want to do, and I'm so glad I'm finally doing it!

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